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Installation Guidelines

Installation Guidelines

Job Site Conditions for Hardwood Flooring Projects in Tampa

At Florida Hardwood Flooring, LLC, of Tampa, we believe that our clients should be informed about each step in the process. It is our goal to complete each project on time so that our clients know exactly what to expect. For hardwood flooring projects in Florida, the heat and high humidity are always a factor. Depending on the type of hardwood flooring selected, different criteria apply.

The hardwood flooring installation should be done perfectly the first time. This requires ideal conditions when the flooring is installed. For new construction projects, installing the hardwood flooring is one of the last jobs of the construction project. Prior to the delivery of the hardwood flooring at the residence or business in Tampa, FL, a site evaluation should be done to check for the following:

Acclimation of the Hardwood Flooring

Checklist Prior to Installing Hardwood Flooring

Call Florida Hardwood Flooring, LLC, to discuss installing hardwood flooring in your residence. We handle both residential and commercial projects. Let our years of experience and attention to detail help you achieve the perfect look for your hardwood flooring. For adding value to your home, hardwood flooring is an excellent investment. Call us to find out more.

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