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Why You Should Choose Hardwood

Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?

Choosing hardwood floors for your home or place of business adds elegance, beauty, and value to any room. Hardwood floors greatly enhance the décor of any room and provide timeless sophistication and long lasting elegance that only increases in value through time. While other types of flooring deteriorate and wear down over time, hardwood floors age naturally and beautifully while maintaining their original condition better and longer than other type of floor. With proper maintenance and care hardwood floors only increase in beauty and value with time. Call Florida Hardwood Flooring, LLC, of Tampa, to discuss your project and why hardwood flooring may be the best choice. We can bring our mobile showroom to your home or place of business to help you understand all the benefits of choosing hardwood flooring for any project in the Tampa Bay area.

Easy to Maintain

The experts at Florida Hardwood Flooring, LLC, of Tampa, combine the highest level of craftsmanship available with the latest technologies to create beautiful and easy to maintain hardwood floors. Maintaining your hardwood floors is easier than ever with the latest technologies and types of wood. The latest stains, finishes, and techniques allow you to maintain your hardwood floors with regular and low maintenance cleanings. This requires little more than sweeping or vacuuming the floors and occasional cleaning with professional hardwood floor cleaner. The proper cleaning and maintenance of you floor depends on the type of wood, finish, and installation. Many wood flooring cleaners contain chemicals that will damage certain types of floors. The experts at Florida Hardwood Flooring of Tampa will provide you with their expertise and knowledge in cleaning and maintaining your floor.

Carpet vs. Hardwood

Unlike carpet, hardwood floors do not hide dust, mold, mildew, pollen, pet dander, or grime that lives in your carpet. Carpets can be breeding grounds for all of these. Even if you vacuum and wash your carpets on a regular basis, it is impossible to really get them clean, because dust and grime sift through the backing of the carpet and get between it and the pad beneath. Dampness from shampooing your carpet can actually encourage more problems as stains re-emerge with little traffic.

Hardwood floors only need a quick surface cleaning to completely rid your home of all pollutants, mildew, mold, dust, pet dander, and grime that settles on your floor. Occasional refinishing can restore your floor to its original beauty. Top coats can be applied to bring back the shine that years of traffic can wear away. Because wood floors do not collect allergies and dust, experts agree that wood floors are the perfect choice for a healthy home. Hardwood floors are the superior choice, not only for aesthetic reasons but because they simply allow for a healthier living environment than carpets do.


Hardwood floors are a great investment for any home or business. Wood floors have come a long way in the past few years. There are more styles, colors, and species of wood available than ever before. The options and techniques available make hardwood floors a great and affordable choice for any project. The experts at Florida Hardwood Flooring of Tampa can help you choose the perfect type of wood and installation that meets your needs and your budget.

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